The Word
"The parfait is terrine-molded and baked, sliced and plated with pistachios, cherries, brioche and stupefyingly good apricot butter scented with summer savory..."

License to Till - Adam Erace of Philadelphia City Paper

"...a Haitian coffee farmer, stood in the restaurant weeping grateful tears."

Haiti's Incredible Coffee - Melissa Dribben of The Philadelphia Inquirer

If I made a list of my top-ten dishes of 2011, three would come from Olexy's new big-city spot...

The Best New Restaurants in America in 2011 - Andrew Knowlton of Bon App├ętit

"...clean, original food, mindful service, a room with a narrative, a leafy park out front? It's hard to get too much of that."

Intimacy Writ Large - Rick Nichols of The Philadelphia Inquirer

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